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Low Vision Device

Bob In the U.S., around 1.4 million people are living with a level of vision disability that interferes with independence, safety, and well being—Not only at a personal loss but an estimated cost of more than $4 billion annually in benefits and lost taxable income for our economy. Many vision disorders can not be cured through medical treatment or surgery; but vision rehabilitation can make the most of remaining vision.

The Low Vision Center provides comprehensive vision rehabilitation for people ages 5 to 100 with moderate to severe vision loss. Since our beginning in July 1997, over 4,300 LVC patients have received equipment and skills training, education, financial and additional program assistance. We are proud to report the successes of people in our area (including Middle to East Tennessee, SE Kentucky, SW Virginia, N. Georgia, N. Alabama, and W. North Carolina).

Our mission is to offer hope, encouragement, and empowerment for visually impaired patients by moving them from dependence to independence. However, many patients still are not getting the help they need. In most cases, Insurance and/or Medicare do not cover the necessary low vision devices. Many patients cannot afford the equipment and labor intensive services—unless you help.

Your financial gift supports the purchase of vision enhancement equipment available for loan to patients. It helps provide for education and updating equipment for low vision patients and staff. Monetary gifts can also provide seed money for promising research, new equipment and adequate space to enhance low vision education and care.

The Low Vision Center is designated as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit entity by the IRS. This means you may send your tax deductible gift directly to the Low Vision Center or continue to earmark your contributions for the Low Vision Gift Fund administered through the University of Tennessee. Either way, please know that your gift will allow us to extend the low vision services to more needy patients.

Please help us continue to offer affordable patient care and equipment for this vastly underserved population. For more information, please e-mail us at lowvisionknox@aol.com or call 865-522-2449.